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Choosing a Kitchen Company

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Choosing a Kitchen Company


Here at Bay Kitchens we understand that life is busy and when you are home you wish to spend quality time with your loved ones and most of that time is spent in the kitchen. When designing a new space for your kitchen, remodeling your existing kitchen or just doing some upgrades to your existing kitchen it’s important to make sure you choose the right partner for the job.


Bay Kitchens has found that most people remodel their kitchen because it’s out of date, need to increase their functionality or they want more storage. Whether you have lived in your home for 20 years, moving into your new home or getting ready to sell your home it is important you educate before you choose a contractor for your Kitchen Project.


Everyone knows kitchens add the most value in any home. There are two aspects to choosing a kitchen design contractor. First choosing a kitchen contractor that is licensed, bonded and insurance and they are in good standing with your local business bureau is a requirement. It’s also important to make sure you understand the details that have been quoted for your project.  Make sure  you ask for referrals.  A good contractor works from referrals and has a continuous pipeline of work from previous customer’s friends and family. Ask to look at a kitchen they have complete and talk to their customer. You want to ask questions


  • Did you have a timeline and was it completed on time?
  • Is the quality of the cabinets to your expectations?
  • Was the job completed within budget unless changes were made?
  • Would you use this contractor again?


The second part of your decision should base on your budget. Beware of the numbers. Sometimes when a low price is drastically different there is a reason. Educate yourself on the details. There are no two Kitchen cabinets that are exactly alike. It’s like shoe shopping – there are no two shoe makers alike. They may both look like Maple Cabinets but the quality and price may be different. When comparing shoes the leather maybe is the same quality. Accessories on the shoe, color options or how well the shoe will wear also may change the price. Either way you should educated yourself and makes the best decisions for you. It is the same with the Kitchen Cabinet Industry.


You want to make choose the contractor that provides excellent service and kitchen cabinet brands that fit your home and life style and budget. If your kitchen has a lot of hands touching the cabinets day after day it may be better for you to spend the extra money on a better cabinet verses more expensive light fixtures. Over the long term you money will be better spent and on the resale market it’s easier to update a light fixture then it is to your kitchen cabinets.


You have to educate yourself on each kitchen cabinet maker. Some offer all plywood sides (meaning the front door top back and sides), some are only wood door and some are not real wood. Interior options like pull out shelves verses a trash can insert, soft close drawers may or may not be included in the price and can add or subtract hundreds if not thousands to your kitchen project cost.  Like your shoes you will pay more quality leather then made man leather. A better made cabinet that is all wood verses one that is particle board.


Choosing price over design is also something to be very cautious of.  A good Kitchen contractor will work through the detail with you but a bad design cannot be worked out.  Choose the contractor that is going to do the best job and work through the detail. Give you the support and education on kitchen cabinetry and design necessary for you to make educated decisions. Choose a contractor that confident and willing to give you a warranty on their material and labor.


Look at the interior options of the cabinets, trim and lighting and that is where your design will meet your budget.


Bay Kitchens offers a variety of Brands for all budgets and ranges of projects.




Kitchen Lighting

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Here at Bay Kitchens we help our customer understand not just the cosmetic appeal but the countless way to incorporate and benefit for Kitchen Lighting. When designing your new kitchen, remodel or just updating why you would choose LED lighting. First LED lighting it’s a low cost, environmentally friendly Green option that will outlast any traditional lighting. When designing your new Kitchen or remodel it’s easy to integrate all options of LED Lighting. There are several possibilities – Under cabinets, Above Cabinets, In-Cabinet, Toe Kick, Outdoor Kitchen, Valance and Cove Lighting. Every Kitchen is unique to every individual. You have to determine your budget first and then decide on what is necessary lighting for your personal Kitchen. Do you need Task Level Lighting, Activity Level or Accent Level Lighting? There is a purpose and time for each level.


Task Level lighting is ideal for Under Kitchen Cabinets for close work when a high level of illumination is required or a wide range of illumination from focus work to dimming. It provides night light or ambiance lighting when installed with a dimmer.

Activity Level lighting is ideal for Under Kitchen Cabinets in any area of the Kitchen when you need your working area to adequate light. This also provides night light or ambiance lighting when installed with a dimmer.

Accent Level lighting is ideal for Under Kitchen Cabinets for a good boost of illumination to fill out dark spaces below cabinets, corners or area with no or little natural light as well as to add general surface lighting. This is also great for a vertical mount inside of a Kitchen Cabinet with either wood shelving or glass shelving to illuminate or display the cabinet contents. Adding lighting above your Kitchen Cabinets or below with the Toe Kick enhances any kitchen design.

Puck Lighting is also another option which creates different effects on Kitchen Cabinets, Tile, Marble and Granite Backsplashes. Puck Lighting can also be used for In-Cabinet illumination above glass shelving. This is a low voltage direct current light fixture intended for indoor use only. Puck Lights come two ways either Recessed Wire Mount or Surface Wire Mount. You can choose Light color altering films to change the look and feel in your Kitchen.

Bay Kitchens designs each and every Kitchen to our individual client. Options for your lighting are limitless. Choosing to work with warm white /earth tones or bright white / vibrant colors your light fixtures can be installed to provide the look and feel you request.  Lighting can be installed during or after your installation. There are various options on lengths and colors. Installation options of wall dimmers, wall plate control options and remote control option create custom impression. Remote control can be set to rotate through the full spectrum of light or set to one particular color. There are endless possibilities for holidays or special events when you match the lighting to a specific color or a holiday such as red for Christmas or green for St Patrick’s Day.