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Creating Personality with your Kitchen Cabinetry and Color

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Reflecting your personality in your kitchen is the utmost import here at Bay Kitchens in Baltimore. What you like, don’t like, and just LOVE are all reflections of you. Here at Bay Kitchens we will help you find and implement just the right styles, colors, and accessories that match YOU, not our suppliers or inventory.  Painting, design, and style are all ways to implement personal character to your kitchen design.
At Bay Kitchens we do not do paint, but we do know you will! There are no bad colors, just color combinations. The wonderful thing about paint is the ability to update it at any time. There are always options to paint, change flooring, etc. throughout time. Your cabinets, however; are not items you will be updating frequently. At Bay Kitchens, we intend for you to be satisfied with your kitchen for many years. A kitchen that sustains itself throughout your lifestyle is imperative.
When you begin your kitchen design at Bay Kitchens, you will likely be seeking that personal touch to reflect aspects of you in your room. A calm; outgoing, energetic, boastful, or relaxed atmosphere are some of any number of possible personalities you may seek through your kitchen design. Here at Bay Kitchens, we know how to work with cabinetry to help you make your kitchen what it should be: that perfect extension of you.

One thing to love about your kitchen from start to finish, is that it doesn’t have to match with the rest of your home! You can be progressive, modern, stately, traditional, relaxed or country. Your kitchen designed at Bay Kitchens is a land unto itself; it adds a whole independent aspect to your home. It does not serve to complement your livingroom, etc.

One thing we find true today, there are so many choices in cabinetry it can be overwhelming, but remembering all the above can help make it fun to design your kitchen. At Bay Kitchens, our designers and showroom personnel will order and offer to you any samples you choose from our lines of cabinetry. Custom colors are always available. At Bay Kitchens you are able to take samples with you to help complete your shopping choices of flooring, paint, wallpaper, etc. This is a huge advantage over a photo in a catalog or on your cell phone!

The dimensional designing of today is something our designers at Bay Kitchens specialize in, and is a unique way to add character to your new kitchen. Years ago, all kitchens seemed to have straight cabinet runs. Nowadays, there are all types of accent features and configurations that are acceptable and functional. Here at Bay Kitchens, we find customers often are seeking the character of an up and down, in and out type of layout. Although you want to avoid too much up-down-up-down without some sort of reason or natural break, this type of design is one that offers dimension and personality to any kitchen. Less can be more depending on your kitchen size as well. At Bay Kitchens we keep the variation special, for a special spot or two if space is limited.  Come to our showroom in Baltimore and view our displays!

An important consideration at Bay Kitchens when using this type of design is planning. If mouldings are to be used, our professional designers know how to plan so that the crown moulding has places to turn, or sides of other cabinets to die into. The up and down, in and out look can get very complex to plan in 3-D designs, but if that is the design that reflects your personality, at Bay Kitchens we will make it happen for you!

Caring for Stainless Steel Sinks

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Here at Bay Kitchens, we often are asked about caring for one of the most common sink materials used: Stainless Steel.
At Bay Kitchens, we will recommend a quality stainless steel product that suits your needs and will allow for years of use and enjoyment. Caring for that product is important to Bay Kitchens and you!
Bay Kitchens recommends a stainless steel sink be cleaned at least once a week, always while using a non-abrasive cleanser and cloth or sponge. At Bay Kitchens we recommend that as with wood, you clean with the grain, rather than across the grain.
Wiping is the key for a shiny stainless steel sink. Hard water conditions can cause pitting over time on your stainless steel sink. At Bay Kitchens, we recommend you utilize a bottom grid or rinsing basket which can remain in the sink. Bay Kitchens does NOT recommend the use of rubber mats or dishpans in your stainless steel sink. These can create pitting areas if left in the sink over time. Also acquiring a holder for your sponges is a simple and inexpensive way to keep them from sitting on your sink, or edge of your sink, and causing staining and pitting.
Bay Kitchens also recommends that you dab dry your stainless steel sink with a soft cloth after each use to prevent spotting from hard water conditions. Another item that Bay Kitchens will emphasize for the care of your stainless steel sink, is salt! Foods with a high salt concentration should not spend significant time in your stainless steel sink. Do NOT allow them to dry on the stainless steel surface.
Now back to the question of what exactly to use to clean that stainless steel sink. Bay Kitchens recommends always find a cleaner that does not contain chloride(s). Chloride can cause pitting over time to your stainless steel sink, however; chlorides are also very soluble. Since they are found in almost every household detergent and cleanser, this is a good thing! Household detergents or cleansers may often touch the sink during cleaning of other surfaces. Should this occur, the sink should again be cleaned with a soft cloth and again with the grain. Bay Kitchens also recommends that you thoroughly rinse your stainless steel sink after each use to remove any detergent residue.
Some recommendations from Bay Kitchens of products available at local stores are Bar Keepers Friend®, Soft Scrub® with bleach, Gordon’s Miracle Shine® and Shiny Sinks Plus®. These suggestions from Bay Kitchens are not recommendations for cleansing of faucets or other materials.
At times Bay Kitchens has heard from those that feel their stainless steel sink has ‘rusted’. Since stainless steel does not rust, a brown stain in your drain area, which appears like rust, will usually indicate a high level of iron in your water system. Bay Kitchens recommendation to combat this is towel drying after each use and the recommended weekly cleaning to combat this issue.
Bay Kitchens wants you to enjoy your stainless steel purchase for years to come. It is important to note, however; that stainless steel will scratch from everyday use. Bay Kitchens we remind you that these scratches will blend, and over time your sink will have a lovely unique finish.